Celebrating Life With a Life Membership


Edith Marofsky marked her 95th birthday by upgrading her general membership to life membership. “Edith believes strongly that our Jewish history must be saved, and she thinks the Society is a wonderful organization,” said longtime Society member Bernice Cowl Gordon. “At 95, Edith is setting a great example for other people.”

Edith’s commitment to the Society comes as no surprise to her niece Artice Silverman. “She has always been our family historian,” said Silverman, who recalls fondly her Aunt Edith’s stories about graduating from the Mechanical Arts High School and marching in a St. Paul Winter Carnival band.  Edith has contributed personal papers and artifacts to the Society over the years.

The Society is pleased to welcome Edith as a life member and wishes her many more happy birthdays…ad meah v’esrim…to 120!

If you want to follow Edith’s example and upgrade to a Life Membership, we’ll make it easy for you! Contact us for more information. Click here to find out about Life Membership.