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Childhood, Relationship

Meri Goldberg.jpeg

“We met at a party, through a mutual friend. One month later he had to go back to the military base. But he began to write letters. My mother wasn’t impressed, but I liked him better than another boy friend. He wrote wonderful letters-that was our courtship. Finally I said, ‘Stop writing letters, I’ll marry you!’ After three days he was in Kiev.”

- Meri Goldberg

Isya Braginsky.jpeg

“In 1929 I started school. It was a Yiddish school because then, in the Ukraine, the nationalists had a rule. Jewish people had to go to Jewish schools, Russian to Russian, and Ukrainian to Ukrainian schools. My sister was already in the school and my brother was already out. It was a good school; the teachers were friendly, intelligent people, and it was like a home, warm and nice. My best memories are from this school!”

- Isya Braginsky

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