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Pickling with Robin Class Video and Handout

Pickling with Robin Class Video and Handout


If you weren't able to join Robin in person as she demonstrated her pickle making process, you can still learn how to do it!


You will receive the fine-tuned, food scientist approved recipe and a link to a video as Robin shares the history of how she came to make these fermented pickles, as well as the steps to follow to make your own.


Travel back in time with Robin to her Bauby's kitchens in the old country in the early 1900s, and St. Paul, Minnesota in the 1960s and 70s, as she shares the story of her family's treasured (and famous) pickle recipe while demonstrating how to make them. 
Robin owned TRRRific! Products, a line of handmade, artisanal foods based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but hasn't produced commercially in a number of years. She asks that you not share the recipe or video, but rather, refer interested people to purchase this video themselves which helps JHSUM continue to provide these types of programs.


A note about the fermentation process:
Unlike most commercial pickle products, fermented pickles are cured in a salt brine rather than preserved in vinegar. The fermentation process produces not only a tasty and crunchy pickle, it also promotes the production of probiotic microorganisms. Here’s how the fermentation process works: Basically, lactic acid bacteria, which is naturally present on the surface of raw vegetables, breaks down natural sugars in those vegetables when brined and creates lactic acid. The result…….. preserved, flavorful pickles, full of probiotics.

  • File Information

    You will receive a PDF file with the linked video and password to view it. You will also receive pickling information and the recipe in the PDF.

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