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Faina Borisovna Glikina

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Born 1925, city of Homel [a.k.a. Gomel], Belarus [former USSR]. Was evacuated to a village of Tchufarovo, Ulyanovsk region, Russian Federation where spent a 1 1/2 . In evacuation worked for the newspaper Pravda helping with publication materials dedicated for news about frontlines. Decorated with medal for Valor and Selfless Work Efforts During Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Graduated from a State Pedagogic Institute [Teachers College], Moscow, Russian Federation, rewarded with a Master's Degree in Inorganic Chemistry. Worked as a High School teacher, and then taught Inorganic Chemistry at Moscow State Pedagogic Institute for 33 years. An author of 20 scientific publications in a field of Inorganic Chemistry. Presently resides in Minneapolis, MN.

Faina Borisovna Glikina.jpeg

I had worked through all the war for our victory. What did I do in Moscow? I worked for Pravda publishing house in expedition. And I contributed for newspapers for the front. I was awarded a medal of For valorous and selfless work during the Great Patriotic War, which is equitable with the war-time combat-action service. I also have memorial medals for 50-year Jubilee, 40-year Jubilee of the Victory, some others, even two American medals I received here [in the US]. I am a member of the Veteran Council [Soviet-side WWII veterans in Minneapolis, Minnesota]. We even pay our membership dues there. But we have both combat-action servicemen/women, and war-effort contributors. I am a war-effort contributor. I was too young to be drafted to the army to fight in combat on front. I was just 15 years old when I got a job.

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