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Who Knew? Stories from the Archives- Download

Who Knew? Stories from the Archives- Download


Who Knew? Stories Unearthed from the Archives is a riveting and engaging collection of first-person accounts that should serve as a model for how to use archival material. With the power and immediacy that only a personal story can deliver, the many short entries merge to tell a larger story- and show that no community speaks with one voice. Editor Linda Mack Schloff has arranged these highly diverse pieces into seven chapters that allow for a wide range of topics: Privileged and Not So Privileged, Greater Minnesota, The Dakotas, Urban Neighborhoods, Creating Community, Contesting Community, and Community Responses to Outside Forces. Her clear and informative introductions to each entry provide the context that enables readers “with no knowledge of the speaker or topic to follow along.

Who Knew? Stories from the Archives is available online. Click here to download.​

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